Leadership Workshops

Harness the power of focused-writing solutions in your home, school, or district.


July 17-19, 2019

Harnessing the power of nonfiction writing instructional tools

In 3 days of professional development, participants learn to integrate 3 target nonfiction writing strategies that impact student performance on end-of-year and end-of-course tests like Georgia Milestones.

1) Paired Texts Assessment Packets

  • Content-rich texts that extend power standards of ELA, science and social studies standards
  • Informational, narrative and opinion/argument genre
  • Proven pacing guide for using the packets
  • Setup, prewriting, revision and evaluation modules that finetune students practice with the writing process
  • Mastering responses to texts in three writing genres
  • Significant gains in student performance:
    • Number of beginning writers approaches zero.
    • Number of distinguished writers doubles and triples.

2) Applied Grammar Online

  • Computer managed assignments, feedback, grading and reporting.
  • Provides precision keyboarding for fluent responses on Milestones extended writing
  • Helps students acquire mature sentence patterns of distinguished writing for Milestones
  • Oral, kinesthetic and written practice with sentence patterns that show up in speech and writing
  • Significant gains in student performance
    • Beginning and developing writers produce proficient writing.
    • Proficient writers produce distinguished writing.

3) Frequent Writing on Demand

  • Boosts student scores on Milestones math, science and social studies
  • Works effectively for lesson activators or closes
  • Empowers students to self-assess and peer-respond
  • Teaches students to us the language of literature, math, science and social studies



  • How to help teachers prepare for Milestones more efficiently
  • Which features of these tools impact which items on Milestones
  • Which performance standards on TKES best tracks progress with these tools
  • How weekly recognition of student performance best fits into your administrative routine
  • What leader practices have the greatest impact on student engagement
  • How micro-teaching practices increase teacher confidence

There will be time for you to …

  • Sketch a master schedule that includes these nonfiction writing tools
  • Create an annual calendar to support teachers in using these tools
  • Create a schedule of student and teacher recognition to establish and maintain momentum in implementation


You will leave with a plan for promoting proficient and distinguished writing using nonfiction writing!